Olloclip’s Four-In-One With Double Macror, Removable Fisheye



Olloclip’s new 4-in–1 lens “system” really is a system, all in one tiny, dense block of aluminum and glass. Like the other Olloclips, this one slides onto your iPhone’s top corner to add a lens between the world and your camera sensor. Unlike the other Olloclips, this one has four different lenses buried in the same unit.

I’ll be reviewing a 4-in–1 soon (it’s sat here on my desk in its little gray microfiber bag, itching to go outside when the rain stops), but for know here are the essentials: you still get the wideangle and fisheye lenses of the original, only now they both unscrew to reveal macro lenses beneath (with 10x or 15x magnification). The difference between these two doesn’t sound like much, but in practice it’s a useful distinction.

I have no idea yet whether the new lenses are a step up in quality from the original, but I suspect they will be as the recent telephoto lens was a lot better than the first offerings, image-wise.

But there’s another advantage to bing able to remove both lenses: you don’t have to carry the fisheye. If you’re shooting video indoors, then the 180˚ filed of view is essential as it compensates for the fact that the iPhone’s camera adds an optical zoom in movie mode. But for stills it is still pretty gimmicky. So now you can roll without the fisheye, giving you a slightly more pocket-friendly package. Way to turn a negative into a positive guys.

The new 4-in1 is available now for $70, in three colors, and made to fit the iPhones 4/S and 5/S.

Source: Olloclip
Thanks: Michele