Conan Gets Called Out By Fan For Trying To Install iOS 7 On His iPhone 3GS [Video]



Like millions of Apple fanboys across the globe, late-night show host Conan O’Brien could not wait to update his phone to iOS 7 last month, however the results were pretty horrific, and one viewer knows exactly what caused Coco’s hellish experience – the Ginja Ninja tried to install the new OS on his unsupported iPhone 3GS.

Conan fan 4893McLovin noticed Conan’s error on the show and has now been anointed as the first viewer to have successfully challenged Conan on the Fan Correction segment of the show. Not one to be shown up, Coco crafted his own response to the error by showing a hidden segment of Eddie Cue’s presentation at the iOS 7 keynote that revealed the existence of the mystical iPhone 3GCOB.

Take a look:

Score one for the Apple nerds, but it looks like Coco’s open to another Fan Correction challenge as the real Eddie Cue can be seen cheering in the crowd after Fake Cue reveals the hidden identity of 4893McLovin.


Source: TeamCoco