Sparrow Sees Surprise iOS 7 Update, But Don’t Get Too Excited



Sparrow was once my favorite third-party email clients for Mac and iOS, but after its creators were bought by Google last year, the likelihood of improvements and new features seemed to go out of the window. And indeed, the app has been all but ignored since the acquisition — until it got a surprise update today.

Don’t expect major changes, though. While it does have a new logo that better fits iOS 7’s “flat” design, that’s about as far as the design changes go. The app itself still looks exactly the same, and it offers exactly the same features — which means there’s still no support for push notifications.

In addition to the new logo, the update promises to fix “compatibility with iOS 7.”

While I hate to sound like an ungrateful so and so, was this update a little unnecessary? Is anyone still using Sparrow for iPhone after all this time with no support? Don’t get me wrong — it’s still a nice app if you don’t need push notifications for your mail — but there are certainly better options out there now.

I’d love to see a proper Sparrow update with a new design and new features, but that seems highly unlikely now that its creators are working for Google. Maybe they’ll surprise us, but until then, I’d advise against spending $2.99 on this app if you don’t already have it.

Source: App Store