iOS 7 Already Installed On 71% Of Devices Less Than A Month After Release



iOS 7 had been available to the public for just 27 days as of Monday, October 14 — and it had already been installed on 71% of all iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches. That’s according to the latest report from Mixpanel which suggests iOS 7 could be the fastest-spreading iOS update to date.

In comparison, it took iOS 6 30 days to reach a record 61% of iOS devices this time last year, and it appears iOS 7 has already smashed that record. But it’s hardly surprising; this is the biggest update Apple has ever made to iOS, adding not only new features, but also a brand new look.

It’s no wonder users cannot wait to get their hands on the new software, then.

When you compare iOS 7’s adoption stats to those of the competition, that’s when it gets really impressive. Windows 7, for instance, is yet to reach even 50% of PCs more than four years after it was released, while Android Jelly Bean had reached only 48.6% of devices this month — more than a year after its debut.


Apple is yet to confirm exactly how many iOS devices are now running iOS 7, but Mixpanel’s data indicates that 350 million are currently in use. That means that over 250 million of them were running the latest software as of Monday.

Via: Fortune

  • MrsCleaver

    “iOS 7 Already Installed On 71% Of Devices Less Than A Month After Release”

    There’s no question that iOS 7 is pretty, fresh and modern-looking (if a little Android-like). It even borrows a few tricks from the jailbreak community. But in terms of productivity and other features, it’s no match for a jailbroken iOS6 device.

    When there’s a jailbreak for iOS 7, I’ll be one to eagerly raise that percentage of installations.

  • Tony Caballero

    Do you think that any part of that is due to the FORCED-download of this bloated grab bag of Android/Windows knock-offs, and the fact that the vast majority of Apple device users are trusting that “It just works” again?

    btw, I did my research and decided that it didn’t “just work” for me, but still got penalized 3GB of storage until i accidentally slip up and press the wrong button.