Purported iPad 5 Gets Pictured With A Touch ID Sensor



Touch ID has received all kinds of praise since it made its debut on the iPhone 5s last month, so naturally, the question everyone’s asking is whether the new fingerprint-scanning technology will make its way to other iOS devices.

We’ve already seen evidence that suggests it will come to the second-generation iPad mini, and the blurry picture above seems to prove that Touch ID is also coming to the fifth-generation iPad, alongside its all-new design.

The picture was snapped by Chinese tech site CtechCN.com, and if it’s genuine, it proves Touch ID won’t be exclusive to the iPhone 5s for long. We already know that the biggest change for the fifth-generation iPad will be a new, thinner and lighter form factor — much like the iPad mini’s — but it looks like that won’t be the only treat we have in store.

It’s worth noting, however, that this is a very blurry image, and you always have to question the authenticity of shots like these. If it’s real, why couldn’t the snapper get a decent imagine of the sensor? With that said, it’s almost as if the blurriness is covering something up.

Take this picture with a pinch of salt for now, then, but I’m fairly confident the new iPads will get Touch ID. Unless the home buttons are difficult to manufacture and severely constrained, there’s no reason why Apple wouldn’t want to bring this technology to other iOS devices as soon as possible — as it did with the Lightning connector.

In fact, I have a feeling that Touch ID could be the second-generation iPad mini’s biggest selling point. If those reports that claim it won’t get a Retina display until 2014 are true, Apple will need more than just a faster processor to sell the new device — and Touch ID could be the answer.

Whatever the case may be, we should find out soon enough. Apple is expected to hold its iPad event on October 22, and with just seven days to go, we should see invitations issued later on today.

Source: CtechCN


  • DrM47145

    I would say Touch ID on the upcoming iOS devices is granted. The question is whether or not they will include the technology on OSX devices…

    I want to believe that the reason they did not upgrade the rMBPs to Hasswell processors is because they want to make that move with something else, like Touch ID.

    It should be easy to fix the sensor on the round-shaped and exclusively dedicated ON/OFF buttons on the current MBP line; but not so much on the MBAs, where the ON/OFF button is just another key.

    Just a thought that I’m sure they’ve already had at Apple. Time might prove me right…

  • Market_Mayhem

    Apple has had almost zero lead time with its Touch ID. The Android flood has already started as dozens of Android vendors scramble to duplicate what Apple put on the iPhone. I realize the Moto Atrix had a fingerprint scanner two years ago but almost no other manufacturer decided to replicate it until Apple made the decision to put one on the iPhone. The iPhone gets a fingerprint sensor and within a few months every smartphone manufacturer in the industry will decide they also have to have a biometric sensor. If that isn’t mass copying of whatever Apple does then I don’t know what is.