Watch The Steam Controller Get Demoed With Some Of The Mac’s Most Popular Games


Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 8.19.04 AM

You may have heard of Valve’s new Steam Controller, an integral part of their living room push that makes PC games past, present and future playable on the big screen. The Steam Controller looks pretty crazy, with two trackpad-like controls instead of thumbsticks, and a touchscreen instead of face buttons, but how will it play? Pretty well, from the looks of things.

Valve’s just released a video showing off the Steam Controller, ahead of its release later this year to 300 Steam beta testers.

Here’s the video:

What’s most interesting about the video is that none of the games being shown have been programmed for the Steam Controller. Instead, all of these games think they are being controlled by either a standard Xbox 360 controller, or a mouse and keyboard. That bodes well for the Steam Controller being a success at launch: pretty much every Steam game ever should support it, right out of the box.