Nakama Has The Cutest Cloud-Riding Ninja You Ever Did See [Review]


Nakama start

In a world overrun with endless runners, it’s nice to see a cheery little beat-em-up among their number. Nakama is the delightfully colorful quest of a ninja rescuing his friends from bad guys then teaming up with them to take on even bigger, badder dudes ahead.

Nakama by Crescent Moon Games
Category: iOS Games
Works With: iPhone, iPad
Price: $0.99

Nakama is yet another faux-retro style brawler, complete with pixel graphics. The use of color sets it apart from most, however. Splashes of brilliant greens and vibrant pinks set a whimsical tone as you slash through hordes of baddies. When you fall in battle, you can even ride a cloud back to your last location, Dragon Ball-style.

Nakama friends

Many action-oriented touchscreen games that require the player to charge attacks and execute precise timing are crippled by the responsiveness of the screen. On current-gen iOS devices, the button sensitivity is almost too high. You might find yourself accidentally jumping or charging attacks when you didn’t mean to in Nakama, and the best solution is to throw yourself completely into a manic play style. Constantly jumping, charging, and slicing your enemies is an effective strategy, as long as you watch out for unblockable projectiles.

You start off alone, but soon you’ll have four or five fellow fighters hopping all over the place.

The neatest feature in Nakama is that your ninja party grows as you explore. You start off alone, but soon you’ll have four or five fellow fighters hopping all over the place. While you can’t control the additional ninjas, or switch to them, they can help lure attacks away from you when battles start getting out of hand. Unfortunately, none of the non-player characters understand dodging, so you’ll lose your friends quickly if you don’t jump in to help them when they’re cornered. Just keep an eye on the health bars located beneath the portraits at the top of the screen!

Plus, pixelated cherry blossoms blow in the wind when you run past trees. You cannot resist the charm.

Nakama fightingGame Name: : Nakama
The Good: Adorable pixel graphics and plucky NPC companions bring a little freshness to classic beat ’em up games.
The Bad: It’s so easy to get caught up in the action that you forget to dodge unblockable enemy attacks.
The Verdict Super cute, easy to play, and it won’t punish you for dying.
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