The Lightscoops Deluxe And Junior Will Fix Your Flash Photos, Fast



Way back in 2009, I reviewed the Lightscoop, a miraculous mirror which reflects your camera’s built-in flash up an off the ceiling, effectively turning the whole top surface of the room into one giant soft light source. The only thing I didn’t like about it was the fact that it was bulky and tricky to carry with you.

Now there are two new Lightscoops, both of which are a little more portable,

The models are called the Lightscoop Jr and the Lightscoop Deluxe, and they both fold flat when not in use. Actually, they’re both pretty flat when in use.

The Junior model is for compact cameras, and comes in two parts, a little mount that sticks to the front of the camera just below the flash, and the reflector itself which slides into this mount and reflects the flashlight upwards.

The Deluxe, which costs $37 to the Jr’s $17, is more ingeniously mounted by sliding into an SLR’s hotshoe once you have already opened up the pop-up flash unit.

Both units should do the same as the original $30 Lightscoop, although neither are quite as scoop-shaped as their predecessor. Either way, if you are determined to use your camera’s built-in flash for anything other than remote triggering of another off-camera flash, then you should be using something like the Lightscoop to modify the harsh, on-axis light that it throws out.

Available now.

Source: Lightscoop
Thanks: Mary!