New iPads, New Mac Pros, And More—It’s Our Oct. 22nd Predictions On Our Newest CultCast



Who’s got a wad of 20s and a burning sensation in his pocket? This guy! But seriously friends… October 22nd, 2013. Go ahead and insert that date into your iOS 7s, because even though they haven’t confirmed it yet, that’s the day Apple will be unveiling two new iPads unto the world. But will we see new MacBooks, Mac Pros, and the other tasty tech we’ve been wishing for? Hit play on our newest CultCast, where we reveal our hopes, dreams, and expectations.

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  • Adrayven


    You’re a goof. Redo your finger scans.. and do the scans SLOW.. first time I ran through the wizard fast and it didn’t take well.

    Touch ID works like 95% of the time for me once I re-did the Touch ID Wizard. Remember to do the finger at angles when it tells you.

    If it’s only working 50% of the time, it’s operator error with the setup.

  • Steven Quan

    I smell a dufus. Why would you not do the fingerprint at an angle if it tells you to do it at an angle?