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Developers Getting Edgy About AppStore Gatekeeping



In the wake of last week’s NetShare takedown, the fizzle this week with Box Office, and the it-might-be-a-crime-if-it-weren’t-so-funny debacle of I Am Rich, third party iPhone developers are starting to clamor for more, well, actually, any transparency from Apple about the process for approving and disapproving listings in the AppStore.

Many really wish the NDA would just go away, or at least apply only to developers whose applications remain unreleased, but that’s not likely to clear Apple legal. We do think it’s not unreasonable, however, to ask the company to be more responsive to requests for information about the approval and rejection process.

12 responses to “Developers Getting Edgy About AppStore Gatekeeping”

  1. Deocliciano says:

    Apple is A lone & small player!

    Now has a DEEP pocked but IT is cornered by GIANTS that indirectly works together.
    Protecting yr back is imperative!

  2. zato says:

    Very good, deocliciano. Apple is completely surrounded by forces that will do almost anything to limit it’s success.

  3. Anton says:

    Apple created the App Store. Apple owns the App Store. Apple gets to decide who and what gets onto their App Store. I really don’t care about the whiney “developers”. If Apple let everyone and their retarded cousin had the ability to post applications in the App Store, then well, then Apple would be as crappy as any Microsoft product.

  4. AdamC says:

    Nothing kills a good thing like bad news, gossips or rumours everyday.

  5. Neil Anderson says:

    Loose the hounds!

  6. niels says:

    enough with the apologists already. Apple’s total top-down tyranny has gone too far. No one complained when for our safety they HAD to make sure that all apps were safe and tested, but now it just seems that they’re protecting their partners’ and their own revenue streams to tv detriment of their own customers. Apple makes fantastic products but are becoming increasingly hard to love. And I’m posting this from my iPhone.