Camera Connection Kit Powers Eye-Fi Transfers, No Camera Required



Here’s a fantastic tip for iPhoneographers: did you know that you can transfer photos from your Wi-Fi-enabled SD card to your iPad while it is connected to the iPad using the camera connection kit? This amazing nugget was discovered by The iPad For Photographers author Jeff Carlson.

The obvious way to suck in your pictures to import them direct into the Photos app, but this clutters things up if you want to, say, quickly triage the pictures from a photo shoot in another app. Worse, as soon as these pictures hit your camera roll, Photo Stream starts to upload all of them.

When Jeff was searching for a way to import his pictures straight into the Shutter Snitch app from his SD card, he noticed that although there is no way to pull them in via the USB port, the camera connection kit actually powers the Eye-Fi card so it can transfer the pictures wirelessly to the app.

So in fact you can import pictures direct into other apps, just not how you thought. Is there an advantage of this over sending the pictures over Wi-Fi straight from the camera itself? Battery life, I guess – the Retina iPad likely has a way bigger battery than your camera.

Source: iPad For Photographers