Behold The iPhone-Controlled iKettle


Fancy a nice cuppa, guv?
Fancy a nice cuppa, guv?


Behold, the iKettle, a water-boiler that can be almost completely controlled from your iPhone while you laze around in your bed.

The iKettle is Wi-Fi connected, and a companion app lets you switch it on and off, and also pick the temperature of the resulting hot water, choosing between four settings that range between 65˚C to 100˚C (making it good for tea and coffee alike).

The app isn’t just an remote on/off switch either. You can set an alarm and have it boil the kettle when you wake up (after asking you for confirmation) and it can also fire automatically when you return home.

The only problem is that you have to fill it with water the old-fashioned way: by sticking it under a faucet. For tea, you need to fill the kettle with fresh water every time or you’ll get flat-tasting results, but I guess for coffee you could fill it to its 1.8-liter (around 61 fluid ounces) capacity and heat the whole lot every time you want a cup.

Still, it’s a handsome enough kettle whether you need Wi-Fi or not, although the $160 asking price might be a little steep in that case.

Source: Firebox