What, Me Worry? Track Your Anxiety With iOS App, Worry Watch


Worry Watch

It seems to me that we do a lot of unnecessary worrying in our lives. There’s a lot of generalized anxiety floating out there, and–absent a clinical diagnosis of anxiety–perhaps we could all benefit from keeping track of what we worry about, and how often. If nothing else, it’s a good way to figure out whether we truly have issues to stress over, or if we’re maybe creating a bunch of it for our own need to feel worried.

In addition, we might also have some moments when we realize that our worries are nothing more than irrational fears of our own making. The problem is, we forget these moments when gripped by worry again the next time.

The developer behind iOS app Worry Watch has created a gorgeous and useful way to track our anxious moments as well as the moments when we realize that our worries might be irrational.

Worry Watch was designed to log both the worries and the self-realizations, and then track them visually. Once we get some time with the app, it’s hoped that we’ll be able to look at our worries about what might happen and then reconcile them with what actually did happen. This should help most of us understand our worry patterns a bit more, and maybe even help change our thoughts and worries in the future to something more manageable and positive.

You’ll log details of each time you get anxious, noting what the worry was about, when it started, what the context of it was (health, money, job, family, etc.), how it turned out (was it really that bad?), and then any notes associated with the moment.

Then you’ll be able to look at your data over time, using a 12-month line chart, a month- and day-wise bar chart, or a pie chart that shows the outcome and context of your worry events. The journal is protected by its own passcode, so you won’t need to share with anyone, and it works entirely offline, assuring your privacy.

Overall, Worry Watch seems like a good way for some self-reflection, backed up by real world data. If the things you worry about most turn out to be things that really aren’t that big of a deal, wouldn’t you want to know?

Worry Watch is available in the App Store now for a half-price launch sale of $1.99

Source: App Store