Staad Backpack Crosses Utility With Style



Just when I thought I’d kicked my bag-buying habit, along comes Waterfield and dangles the Staad backpack in front of my wallet. The Staad is a classic-looking waxed-canvas and leather backpack with some distinctly modern touches. And I want one. Now.


Like Cult of Mac writers, the bag comes in two sizes – slim and stout – and also (unlike CoM writers) in a choice of ballistic nylon or waxed canvas. On top is a leather flap which, once opened, reveals a zipper that slides down, opening the whole thing up for easy access, like Hannibal Lecter pulling out a pair of human lungs.

Inside you’ll find a padded MacBook inserts (15-inch or 13-inch depending on the bag’s size), plus a few other pockets off to the sides for smaller items. Style-wise, the Staad manages to pull of a look somewhere between dorky satchel and sporty technical backpack, without the bad parts of either. Not bad: maybe the geniuses at Waterfield could even make a cool fanny pack (although if they succeed the result will probably be similar to crossing the streams of a pair of ghost-busting backpacks).

The only thing you mightn’t like is the price. Starting at $329, the Staad isn’t cheap. Then again, everything I’ve ever tested from Waterfield has been top-quality and built to last, so there’s that.

Source: Waterfield
Thanks: Heidi!

  • patrickahles

    Link? Photo?

  • Gregory Wright

    $329 for something hanging off my back? Not likely.

  • VirtualVisitor

    Fugly, Fugpensive, Fugoff.