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Ergotron’s New Apple-Centric Standing Desks



According to all the fashionable studies these days, sitting is about as dangerous as balancing a TV set on the edge of the bathtub while you have a soak, sip a martini and smoke a fat Havana all at the same time.

I avoid this deathtrap by doing my work as fast as possible and then going back to bed after a couple of hours spent in the danger zone, but apparently standing desks are another good solution. And if you own a Mac, then you’ll want a standing desk designed to work with it, like the new WorkFit for Apple range from Ergotron.

There are a bunch of products in the range, from whole desks to moving VESA-compatible monitor arms to roving iPad supports. But the ones I like the most are the Sit-Stand Workstations that clamp onto your existing desk and let you easily move your MacBook or iMac up and down to the right position.

The iMac stand is particularly great, as it features a platform for the computer along with a keyboard tray a short distance below. This is not only good for when you’re standing, shifting everything you need at once, but also for sitting where the keyboard tray can actually hang over the side of the desk, putting it at a safer height for your delicate wrists.

They’re not cheap though: the MacBook stand is $350, and the iMac stand – which can even support your 27-inch monster – is $650. Then again, it’s certainly better than dying because you foolishly sat down that one time.

Available now.

Source: Ergotron
Thanks: Kari!