Mount SLR Lenses On Your iPhone With The Beastgrip



Maybe you have an iPhone, an SLR, and perhaps a couple of weird old lenses that don’t fit either of them. Fear not, my gadget-hoarding friend, for the answer is nigh. It’s called the Beastgrip, and it attached pretty much anything to anything else.

The Beastgrip is a mess of 3-D-printed components and metal rods, which together make for an adjustable box which clamps your iPhone (or other phone) inside, and then allows you to attach any lens and adjust it to be centered right over your iPhone’s camera.

And of course, being a camera rig there are also a whole lot of extra mounting options, from the five (5!) threaded tripod sockets to the cold-shoe accessory mount.

37mm-threaded lenses can be mounted straight onto the device, and other lenses can be fitted using step-up adapter rings.

The Beastgrip is pretty cheap s these things go, with the minimum Kickstarter pitch being just $70. Delivery expected Feb 2014.

Source: Kickstarter