Dr. Drang Rethinks Place-Based Reminders, Makes Them Way More Useful


Dr. Drang buys a lot of hardware.
Dr. Drang buys a lot of hardware.

Dr. Drang is on a roll these days. After letting us organize our photos in the Finder with his fantastic shell scripts, he will now change the way you use your iOS reminders app. Are you ready to have your mind blown?

The good Doctor knows as well as anyone that attaching a time and place each and every item on a shopping list is a pain, even if you use Siri to do it. So he has a rather clever workaround. He made a list of stores he regularly visits, and told Reminders to alert him any time he visits one of them. The reminder just tells him to look at his shopping list. Dr. Drang keeps separate lists for groceries and hardware, but you could use this for anything.

It might be best to avoid using this for places like “work” or “home,” as the constant buzzing of your phone every time you arrive will soon have you ignoring the alerts, but for stores it seems ideal. Thanks, Doctor; I now have a few of these set up myself.

Source: Lean Crew