The Satechi Smart Travel Router For Networking An Charging On The Go



The Satechi Smart Travel Router might just be the most useful travel adapter ever made. Not only can it plug into a wall socket pretty much anywhere in the world, it can also charge your iPhone and create a wireless network.

The Smart Travel Router has various prong configurations, just like any other adapter, letting you plug any AC-powered device into any wall. But it also packs a USB port into its tiny cuboid body, as well as a wireless router. And what a great idea that is. Now you can plug your hotel room’s Ethernet cable into this router and share one connection between all your devices. Or you can create a network that lets all your devices talk to each other, even when there’s no internet connection.

Or you can use it as a wireless extender, or as a client, adding Wi-Fi reception to a device that doesn’t have its own radio.

Finally, this mini marvel only costs $50, making it a rather attractive proposition for the frequent traveler. Available now.

Source: Satechi

Thanks: Valerie!