Get A List Of All The Mac Store Apps Installed On Your Mac [OS X Tips]



Ever want to get a quick and dirty list of the Mac App Store apps that you have installed on your Mac? Well, look no further than the Terminal, Apple’s window into the guts of your beautiful OS X machine.

Here’s how to get a nice little list of all your installed Mac App Store apps.

Launch Terminal, and then paste or type the following command in there.

find /Applications \
-path '*Contents/_MASReceipt/receipt' \
-maxdepth 4 -print |\
sed '; s#/Applications/##'

So, basically, you’re asking your Mac to look in the Applications folder, and then go into the receipts folder (which is in the package contents of every app) to see which of your apps have a receipt from the Mac App Store.

When I pasted the code above on my Macbook Air, I got the following list:

Blackmagic Disk Speed
Saturday Morning

You could, of course, open all your apps up and do this manually, but this is a pretty slick little command in Terminal.

Source: TUAW