Sharp Is Bringing A Multitouch 4K Retina Display To The Mac



Admit it. There’s two major things you still want from OS X: multitouch support, and 4K support. 4K support would make the Retina iMac finally possible, and as for multitouch, this is where the laptop and desktop market is heading despite Steve Jobs’s protestations about “gorilla arm.”

It’s taking Apple its sweet time to deliver the above, but you don’t have to wait. Sharp has just announced OS X compatibility for their 32-inch 4K touchscreen monitor.

Earlier this year at CES, Sharp announced a swank monitor with multitouch support and a resolution of 3840 x 2160, or enough pixels to make a 1920 x 1080 Mac Retina.

Even more intriguingly, the display used an IGZO LCD panel. IGZO technology is the screen tech Apple has been rumored forever to start making use of. It could theoretically double battery life on the iPhone and iPad by letting more light through the pixels of the display.

Up until now, Sharp said this monitor would be PC only, but now Sharp is promising OS X support, at some nebulous future date to be determined. We’ll try to keep you posted.

Source: Macotakara

  • ac1dra1n

    The market is not going to multitouch every thing. Multitouch desktops are the stupidest thing. Multitouch laptops are iffy but more plausible than a desktop.

  • Gregory Wright

    “There’s two major things you still want from OS X: multitouch support, and 4K support.”

    Multitouch support – NO – We have a more practical means to achieve the same thing. Its called the track pad. 4K, not really. Retina suits me just fine.

  • sigboe

    I hate to say this but she knew nothing about what she was talking about. And the monsters who made the brags were really good at talking around the blatant problems we saw, and also what apps to show off to impress people without even showing off really what 4K can do for you.