Instacast 4.1 Update Adds Support For 64-Bit A7 Processor And More


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Everyone knows that listening to podcasts is one of the most computationally complicated tasks you can possibly do. In fact, it was only a few years ago that anyone who wanted to listen to some anonymous Internet dork mouthbreathing his thoughts into a mic in low-fidelity audio had to purchase themselves a veritable supercomputer to accomplish the feat.

I kid, of course, but even in podcasting, every bit of performance helps. Which is why we’re happy to report that our favorite podcasting app, Instacast, has just hit version 4.1, adding support for the iPhone 5s’s 64-bit processor.

That’s a nice little perk in and of itself, but there’s more! Instacast 4.1 also add support for background fetching in case push notifications fail. In other words, if Instacast can’t alert you to new podcasts, it’ll snatch down the latest episodes automatically: a handy option. There’s also new shortcuts for ‘Unplayed’ and ‘Imported’, as well as an option to disable continuous playback of ‘Up Next’.

Here’s the complete change list:

+ Added support for 64 bit processors
+ Added shortcuts for ‘Unplayed’ and ‘Imported’ episodes to main sidebar
+ Added option to disable continuous playback of ‘Up Next’
+ Improved user interface slightly
+ Added support for background fetch in case push notifications fail
+ Improved syncing
+ Fixed cancel downloading when leaving wifi area
+ Fixed not backing up media files to iCloud
+ Improved localization
+ Fixed crash when importing single episodes

Those are some pretty good features. Instacast 4.1 is available as a free update for Instacast 4 owners, or a $4.99 download for everyone else. I’m still on, what, Instacast 2? Maybe it’s time I update.

Source: iTunes

  • ctt1wbw

    Doesn’t look like there’s many happy people with this app.

  • Wynter

    I was very hopeful that they would bring back continuous play from within a subscription with this update as that’s one of the reasons I purchased version 3 in the first place, and with the background app refresh it seemed so logical for it to be part of Version 4. The Up Next feature is great if your trying to set up a playlist from different subscriptions, but for people like me that listen to the same subscription every day which has approximately 15 episodes its now just a chore in the morning to re-curate those episodes manually, and the advantage of background app refresh is gone.
    I emailed the developer with my concern and suggestions and they did get back to me with their reasoning which was that users found continuous play too confusing, but I can’t help but wonder if it was just the UI of V3 and the confusing instructions for that version.
    I’ll still use it as I’m now invested in the Instacast for Mac as well but I think its a real shame when developers with paid apps remove the functionality you actually paid them for in the first place.
    Looks like the syncing/backup issues which they’ve been having are finally sorting themselves out, so perhaps they will re-look at this for 4.2!