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Ending Soon! Seven iOS 7 Templates To Bring Your App Idea To Life In No Time [Deals]


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The arrival of iOS 7 has not only demonstrated a whole new look to Apple’s mobile platforms, but also new opportunities for exceptional design. So if you’ve got a great app idea for this beautiful new platform, but your design skills leave a lot to be desired then Cult of Mac Deals a deal for you.

This deal is for some stellar templates that will give even the most aesthetically challenged app creator the ability to make a great-looking iOS 7 app. And you can get your hands on these 7 templates for only $29.99 – a savings of 94%!

With these seven beautiful, custom templates created by experienced mobile designers, you have options that are ready to use immediately. That will save you hours of coding and designing – and a great deal of money in the process. All themes are coded in high quality, native Objective-C and Java code, the best foundation to build your app. Plus, each template comes with the original Photoshop .PSD files and editable (in XCode) Objective-C source code, so you can customize to your heart’s content.

Here are the templates you’ll find in this package (click on the name of each template to get a full preview):

  1. Mail: Looking to build out your improved version of the native iOS mail app? This is where you should start. This template was designed using the best elements from Gmail and Mailbox, so you have plenty of intuitive features to work with.
  2. Activity: Your iPhone has the capability to be the ultimate fitness tool, when running the right app. If you want to iterate on apps like Fitbit, Nike+ Running, RunKeeper or even Zombies Run!, get a running start with this template.
  3. Band Mate: If you’re a musician looking for a great way to showcase your tracks and build a following, then this template is ideal. Pulling features from top music apps, this template is focused on finding and sharing new music.
  4. SocialShare: If Twitter, Instagram, or Fancy are your inspiration, this template brings you one step closer to creating that hit social sharing app — now updated, flattened and optimized for iOS7.
  5. Food: Create the next culinary social network with this beautiful, custom food app template.
  6. Talking: This template embodies that ideal, because its simple design makes it flexible enough to become whatever you have in mind for a social app.
  7. Money Social: Sporting a native iOS7 tab bar, and beautiful custom screens, this template has a range of cool features that build and run straight away in xCode.

You can also read up on all of the important details pertaining to this offer over at the Deals page.

These seven templates not only give you tons of flexibility to create a wide variety of apps, but they’re all optimized and updated for iOS 7, looking clean, mean, and ready to go.
It couldn’t be easier to start editing your app, just open the included XCode Project up in XCode (which you can download for free here) and you’re good to go. You can even play around with your prototype on the included simulator or on your iPhone.

So if you’re ready to take your app idea from concept to prototype in no time flat, then head to the Deals page now and buy this template package for just $29.99 while the getting is good!