Nikon’s New D610 Almost Indistinguishable From D600



Apparently Nikon’s D600 was already pretty much perfect, because the new D610 that replaces it is little more than a tweak. Let me put it this way: If Apple released a “new” iPhone with such a minor spec bump, the company would be “finished.”

Not that I’m complaining. The D600 (and by extension the D610) is a great camera, a full-frame SLR body for the price of high-end crop-framed bodies of only a few years ago.

It’s pretty easy to list the changes: faster burst mode (6fps), tweaked white balance and a quiet mode for continuous shooting. And you still get the 25MP, ISO 6,400 sensor, the tough body, the 39-point AF system, and the built-in flash that you can use as a remote commander for a Nikon off-camera flash setup.

The best part, though, might be for existing D600 users: There’s almost no reason to feel you have to upgrade.

Source: Nikon

Via: DP Review