Scott Forstall May Appear As An Apple Witness At Samsung Retrial


Scott Forstall. Photo: Apple
Scott Forstall. Photo: Apple

Apple and Samsung are headed back to San Jose on November 12 to clash again over the retrial of their billion-dollar patent lawsuit that Apple won in 2012, and it looks like Scott Forstall might be coming back to testify as a witness for Apple.

The jury originally rewarded Apple $1.05 billion in damages, but after finding some errors in the awards, Judge Lucy Koh has cut $450 million from Apple’s award. Samsung and Apple filed a joint pretrail statement that listed the potential witnesses that might be called and both Scott Forstall and Apple’s marketing chief, Phil Schiller appeared on the list after both were witnesses at the orignal trial, before Forstall was fired. 

Forstall was fired from Apple in October 2012 after refusing to apologize for the Apple Maps fiasco and has remained out of the spotlight ever since. Apple has also listed former Mac icon designer Susan Kare as a potential witness.

The new trial is seeking to cover the damages in the case after Judge Koh assessed that the jury may have miscalculated original damages. Apple is still set to receive $589.9 billion, but could receive more depending on the outcome of the trial when damages are assessed for each infringing patent, rather than the lump sum that was originally rewarded.


Source: Macworld



  • dcj001

    What is a retrail?

  • ac1dra1n

    589.9 million right? Not billion

  • ac1dra1n

    What is a retrail?

    A retrial is when, I believe, the evidence is gone over again and double checked. Each side will give more arguments and such. It’s just like a normal trial but the evidence is represented in front of a jury.

  • Dave Hicks

    You couldn’t have found a creepier photo of Scott Forstall! You could make a Halloween mask with that face.

  • nvettese

    Maybe Forstall will be bitter enough to tell the truth? Cook is probably trying to give him an incentive to stay on the team.