Space Hulk Gets Free New Three Mission Campaign – ‘Messenger Of Purgatory’



Copenhagen-based games studio Full Control announced Monday a new, free, three mission campaign for its strategy game, Space Hulk, available for Mac and PC since last August.

The turn-based Space Hulk, set in the Warhammer 40,000 sci-fi universe, is a re-creation of Games Workshop’s original two-player Space Hulk board game, itself released in 1989. The new digital version is similar in many ways to the board game, with two-player tactical claustrophobia as a main focus.

The launch of the digital game was a bit rough, however, with lots of bugs and room for improvement. So the team decided to improve the game, squash the bugs, and–as a big “thank you” for the patience of its fans–has released a new three-mission campaign for free.

The new “Messenger of Purgatory” campaign has you off to find and return the remains of poor dead Captain Atarius.

“We wanted to give the community a big ‘thank you’ for the wonderful support they have shown, through the first stage of launch, and we think that fans will really love the Messenger of Purgatory campaign”, said CEO Thomas Hentschel Lund. “This game update addresses many of the fan requests and suggestions that continue to hone and refine the experience of Space Hulk.”

The developers have improved visuals for environments and units, as well as improving performance of the game. They’ve even added a speed option to let you choose how fast you want the units to move, which should make turns feel quite a bit faster.

They’ve also fixed numerous bugs and game balance issues, including closing a multiplayer “conga-line” exploit that used to let Genestealers split action points between multiple units. Issues like animations on ladders and in up close combat have also been bug-fixed, as well.

The base game will run you $29.99 on Steam, and will include the new DLC.

Source: Steam