Everpix Revamps UI, Adds New “Nearby Photos” Section



Everpix – in case my constant droning on and on about it wasn’t clear enough – is my favorite cloud photo service by far (I’m currently auditioning Picturelife as a possible alternative, but so far it’s not close). Now the web app has been updated to make it even easier to use. So easy and fast, in fact, that you could use it to replace iPhoto on your Mac.

Everpix is a service that offers unlimited storage for your photos. It sucks them up from any and every source – Instagram, iPhoto, Lightroom, local folders, Dropbox, Gmail… the list is long – filters out the duplicates and gives you access to them via the web and via a great iOS app. Clever caching means you can quickly get to any photo you took, ever, and the Flashback feature shows you pictures you took today in the past.

I recently exported all my photos from Lightroom as full-sized, 70%-quality JPGs, year by year into folders on a removable drive and exported them to Everpix.

The new web interface, which has been showing up here and there as a beta for a few weeks now, has a whole new navigation UI that lets you drill down into various photo sources. Thus you can actually view your iOS camera roll uploads, or that export folder you made of your awesome birthday party (the one where you totally set fire to your hair) directly.

The other neat new feature is “nearby photos,” which shows you related photos based on their location. You can also reverse-sort images chronologically, and go to a particular month directly.

Everpix continues to be my favorite cloud photo app for a few reasons. One is regular and awesome updates like this. The other is that I never have to think about it. I just give it all my photos and let it work out what’s what. It’s pretty great having every digital photo I ever took available on my 32GB iPad mini.

Do other services have more features? Sure, especially the aforementioned Picturelife. But they’re all as needy as iPhoto, Everpix, as they say, FTW.

Source: Everpix Blog