KnowRoaming Sticker Mods Your SIM For Local Use, Anywhere In The World



This amazing KnowRoaming sticker looks too good to be true, but as it’s from Canada, it must be the real deal. The KnowRoaming is a sticker which covers your existing SIM card and automatically switches your iPhone to a local network provider when you travel abroad, avoiding crazy roaming fees when you travel.

The inner workings of the KnowRoaming “smart sticker” are not revealed on the site, but it seems like it works in concert with a companion app which lets you add funds to your KnowRoaming account, while co-opting whatever services your host SIM needs to provide to make it happen.

My suspicion is that the KnowRoaming sticker is little more than a fancy-looking SIM in slim sticker form, and works just like all other international SIMS you can buy, operating via carrier agreements, but I could be wrong: maybe this really does masquerade as a local SIM on a local network – but what then of activation.

Mysterious indeed, but also very useful for frequent travelers. Currently I’m using testing a rather excellent case that solves this problem by providing storage for several SIMs and a SIM removal tool, but auto beats manual every time I guess (except in cars).

The confusion is further compounded by the Kickstarter-style funding system, which offers all the delays and doubts of crowd-funding, with none of the security of a known service like Kickstarter.

Source: KnowRoaming
Via: Uncrate

  • Lou84

    Cool article! I just want to mention that there have been many successful, legitmate companies which have done their own crowd funding campaigns, not on Kickstarter. The successful campaigns for Tile and Lockitron come to mind. In fact, there seems to be a trend for technology companies to move away from Kickstarter as a crowd funding platform. This is because Kickstarter seems to have become more a platform for film and the arts, and is less focused on technology.

  • phlydude

    If manual beat auto in cars, why do all the high end sports cars come with auto transmissions now (albeit with paddle shifting)?

    Interesting device…be curious to see it get launched