Gladius iPad Case With Rotating Leather Strap



The NewTrent Gladius case isn’t the first iPad case we’ve seen with a grabby handle on the back, but it is the first we’ve seen that uses a leather strap on a plastic case. This also makes it the first case that would let you play a game of “My Little Subway Car.” Just glue the iPad to the ceiling of your bathroom and hang from the strap. For extra realism, piss in a corner a few hours before “embarking” and have family and friends pass through from time to time, asking you for money.

When not moonlighting as a filthy subway strap. The Gladius does a passable impersonation of a Sega Mega Drive/Genesis when placed face down, as well as protecting the iPad within. There’s a rigid, soft-touch rear shell with a turntable that connects to the removable hand strap, letting you hold your full-sized iPad in one hand for reading or whatever you need it for when the other hand is busy. There’s also a protective snap-on screen cover for extra protection, or you can use your own Smart Cover thanks s to a strategic cut out.

Best of all, it’s just $30, which is something of a bargain in the world of functional iPad cases. And it certainly beats my more radical method of holding on to my iPad – magnets embedded under the skin of my palm and fingers (when I say “embedded,” I mean “held in place with gaffer tape,” but you get the idea.

Available now, in black (and brown).

Source: NewTrent