Charge All Your Mobile Devices At Once With The 3-in-1 Universal USB Charging Cable [Deals]



Having a ton of cables all over your house, desk, or charging station is far from ideal. They get tangle,d they got mixed up, ad sometimes they even get misplaced in the mess. That’s why this Cult of Mac Deals offer is worth looking at – especially if you want to save on clutter, time, and money.

The 3-in–1 Lightning/30-Pin/Micro USB to USB Charging Cable replaces three cables with one that simultaneously charges all of your devices at once. And it can be had for a limited time for only $19!

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Whether you need to juice up an iPhone 5S/5C/5, iPhone 4/4S, 3G/3GS, iPad, iPod, Android, HTC, Samsung, Motorola or whatever else, this device enables you to charge your phones in any location. No more drawers full of tangled cords, chargers, and random adapters, the 3-in–1 charging cable is essentially the only cable you will need to keep handy. It’s been optimized to avoid tangling and its short length makes it simple to stow away for travel or to keep your space organized.

For households that are filled with iOS devices of all shapes, sizes, and generations, this cable allows for charging of both older and newer iOS models. It has been designed with durability in mind, and also supports data transfer when using the Lightning port.

This cable gives the ability to keep one cable at home for all your charging needs or take it with you so that you never forget the right cable while traveling again. Better yet, you can buy up to three of these so that you don’t have to make that choice! So get The 3-in–1 Universal USB Charging Cable for just $19 and get rid of the cable clutter today!