The Mission Cycling Wallet Keeps Your iPhone Safe And Ready To Use


mission wallet

The Mission Cycling Wallet is a lot like those iPhone card wallets you see all the time, only this one zips your iPhone safely inside, and lets it face out through a see-through screen so you can read it and use it without taking it out or opening the case.

You can even use it in the pouring rain.

The wallet comes from bike bag maker Timbuk2, and is made from 840-Denier ballistic nylon in the color “algae.” The iPhone slides inside and the wallet closes with a zipper, leaving the iPhone to peek out through the clear plastic front. Around back are three slots for cards and cash, but – as ever with these things – nowhere for coins. U.S. Residents might scoff at this feature request, but outside of your country many places use coins for fairly high denominations: the Euro comes in €1 and €2 coins, for example, with notes not starting until you get to €5 (around $100, IIRC).

The mission wallet, costing $29, is just about perfect for taking on a ride: It protects from sweat whilst sat in a jersey pocket, and lets you carry payment essentials. It also comes with a lifetime warranty, which sounds pretty good to me.

Source: Timbuk2
Via: Urban Velo

  • davecochrane

    My first Timbuk2 bag lasted 16 years before I traded it in for a new one with different colours. They are absolutely superb. I’m checking the new phone case out now too.

  • talibabs

    5€= $100? Recheck your currency converter please :p
    5€ is about $6.7 :)

  • rickfdez

    Really? Who would use this wallet? I can’t imagine how anyone would put credit cards and cash in the openings on the back, from which they would easily fall out or be snatched (writing from Barcelona as you are, you must be keenly aware of this danger).