NIX Bluetooth Scanning Dongle Lets Your iPhone Collect Colors


What color is that lovely jacket your friend is wearing? And that movie poster up there on the side of that building? Wouldn’t that blue make the perfect color for your new website’s background?

But how can you make sure you’re getting the exact color? After all, your cellphone camera is affected by all kinds of external factors, including the color of the light falling on the jacket/poster, as well as the colors of the surrounding items. What you need is a handheld, iPhone-controlled colorimeter.

NIX is that device, a tiny Bluetooth box in the shape of a sci-fi space-crystal with color-calibrated camera and lights inside. You press it onto the target material, cutting out all ambient light, hit a button on the companion app and the measurement is made. A few seconds later you have that color on your screen. And should you be using an OLED-screen Android phone with janky, inaccurate colors? No matter: the RBB values are shown on-screen too.

The app is where the cool stuff happens. As well as viewing the color in RGB, HSL, HSV, Lab, XYZ, HTML, or CMYK, you can save it to a palette for later, or even buy paint in the same color. That’s right – the app lets you choose a medium (wall paint, oil paint, watercolor etc. And then shows you a list of manufactured options. Once you find the brand you want, you can even get directions to the nearest place that sells it.

The price of the NIX is expected to be around $200, but if you head to the Kickstarter you can pitch in and get it by February for just $100.

Source: Kickstarter