iPhone, Android And Windows Phone Users As Portrayed By GTA V





Grand Theft Auto V has been out for a while now, which means if you’re like me you’ve probably wasted enough time to re-watch the entire Breaking Bad series, again. Rockstar has managed to fill the world of Los Santos with plenty of references to tech giants like Apple, Facebook, Google and others, however if you play the game long enough you start to notice some funny stereotypes Rockstar pegs to the Almighty Apple and its flock of loyal fanboys.

The name of the iPhone was changed to iFruit but it’s just as much a status symbol of wealth in the violent world of Los Santos as its has come to be IRL, but one watchful redditor spotted some funny Android and Windows Phone stereotypes too. Check ’em out below:








Source: Reddit


  • imwjd

    I believe the “Android” phone is actually meant to resemble BlackBerry pre OS10 – The icons and layout are really close http://bit.ly/16IPVya

  • Alex Barti?

    Samsung = style? Really? A piece of plastic is style?

  • lwdesign1

    Gee, guess which phone the creators of Grand Theft Auto use…