You Can Now Create Your Own iOS 7 Redesign Masterpiece





We’ve all had more than enough time to get used to iOS 7 now that it’s been out for a few weeks, but some people still hate Sir Jony’s parallax masterpiece. For those of you dreaming of a different interface on your iPhone, devoid of gradients and helvetica nue, there’s a new tool from UsvsTh3m that will let you create your own iOS 7 redesign masterpiece.

Visitors can tweak iOS 7’s icons, background, font, colors, and most importantly, those horrific shadows. Of course these changes aren’t really going to show up on your iPhone but you can have a bit of fun with friends and share your masterpiece with the world.

Think your version is better than Jony’s? Post your iOS 7 redesign in the comments below and we’ll add it to our gallery.



Source: USvsTh3m