Drop That Candy Contains Every Kind of Sweetness [Review]


Drop That Candy

Everyone loves feeding cute little animals, and mobile-game developers are no different. Games like Cut the Rope and Cat on a Diet are all about bringing food to adorable, tiny faces, and Drop That Candy continues the tradition.

Drop That Candy by Greenfly Studios
Category: iOS Games
Works With: iPhone, iPad
Price: $2.99

In this colorful puzzle game, you are tasked with clearing all of the candy in a series of boxes in order to drop them into the waiting mouth of Gizmo, a woodland creature of indeterminate species. You do this by tapping on the candy, and you can clear multiple pieces of the same color with a single tap if they are touching.

It’s an odd setup, but it all adds up to a game that is equally cute, clever, and fun.

You have as many moves as you want to clear the board; nothing keeps you from moving on. But obsessive-compulsive types may notice a counter in the top-left corner of the screen that tells how many taps you must use to earn a full three-star rating. And that’s where the puzzle element comes in because that limit leads you to discover the “true,” most efficient solution to each level.

It all adds up to a game that is equally cute, clever, and fun.

Advanced tactics include removing multiple pieces simultaneously, and later on, the game introduces arcing electricity and lasers that will destroy candy pieces and add “penalty taps” to your total. The difficulty increases slowly and naturally, and the “par” encourages you to take your time and plan moves more carefully. And even if it doesn’t, the game will still let you go to the next screen even if you come out over the count.

At times, Drop That Candy almost felt too easy. After a few screens, you kind of learn the “language” of the game and understand what your moves will do almost innately. The little twists like the lasers add a little chaos to the mix, but it’s nothing you can’t overcome. Still, it’s a fun game that makes you feel smart, and that’s really all we can ask from our puzzlers.

Drop That CandyGame Name: : Drop That Candy
The Good: Cute design, clever puzzles, good variety.
The Bad: Kinda easy, even if you’re going for perfect runs.
The Verdict: A couple simple mechanics and some adorable art create a fun game that rewards careful thought and planning.
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