Belkin’s iPad Dock Dials In The Perfect Fit



Belkin’s new Express Dock for iPad lets you dial in the perfect fit for any Lightning iPad, whatever case it’s in. Literally: there’s actually a dial on the back to adjust the dock’s size.

Up until the iPhone event a couple of weeks back, you could have been forgiven for thinking you didn’t need a dock for your iPhone or iPad, as Apple hadn’t yet made a Lightning dock of its own. Now – just like the color gold – docks have been stylistically validated, and so you will have to go out and buy one.

And I mean “one.” Why bother with different docks for all your iItems when one can be quickly adjust to fit all of them, with a dial that controls the protrusion of the Lightning connector so it can reach deep into even a thickish case? And even if you like to go commando (and let’s face it, we all like to let it hang out in the breeze form time to time) then you can adjust the dock to fit any size of iPad.

One Express Dock for iPad will cost you $60, which is a whole $60 less than buying two of them.

Source: Belkin