Kransen Headphones Are So Organized, They Almost Untangle Themselves



There are two things I love about these Kransen headphones from UrbanEars. Actually, there are three: that woven cord looks great in red. The other two are cable-wrangling tricks that would be welcome on any pair of earbuds: not that Apple would ever make an accessory so useful.

The Kransens stick in your ears just like any other ’buds, and have an inline remote on the cable. But it’s when you’re not using them that they get really clever. First are the snap-together earpieces, which were inspired by Lego. Way better than Apple’s crappy little cable clip, the earpieces on the Kransens are designed to snap together onto one piece.

Then, at the other end, there’s a rubber donut into which you force the rigid tip of the jack plug. Thus, both ends of the cable are neatly restrained, making it almost impossible for them to unravel and tangle. And because this organization is built in, you never have to carry a second gadget.

Want some? I do. You can get them now, in a rainbow of colors, for just $39.

Source: Urban Ears
Via: Core77