Cat On A Diet – Like A Bunch Of Games You’ve Already Played [Review]


Cat on a Diet

You know what people love? Cats. Just look at the Internet: It has cats everywhere.

You know what else people love? Breaking stuff. Just look at Angry Birds.

Cat on a Diet by Nawia Games
Category: iOS Games
Works With: iPhone, iPad
Price: $0.99

And a third thing people love? Taking two things and jamming them together. So now we have Cat on a Diet, a game about breaking stuff. Plus, it has a cat. And the cat is overweight. So that’s like a hat trick. Best game ever.

Well … it’s alright.

The point of Cat on a Diet is to get your feline hero, Dr. Meow, into a cookie jar while also avoiding hazards and collecting cupcakes along the way. You accomplish this by completing a series of physics-based puzzles. For example, in the first area, you drag your finger across the screen to cut boards that Dr. Meow is sitting on — kind of like Fruit Ninja. If you cut the right boards at the right angles, you will cause a chain reaction that will end with Dr. Meow shoving cookies into his maw like they contain the antidote. If not, it’s not a huge deal to reset. Later areas introduce new mechanics like gravity switching and magnets.

The controls work; the game doesn’t execute the slash until you lift your finger, so you have opportunities to fine-tune your strikes. The physics are good; when your solution fails, it’s pretty easy to see where you went wrong and adjust accordingly, and Dr. Meow’s tubby body bounces and rolls through the level in funny and cute ways.

When your solution fails, it’s pretty easy to see where you went wrong and adjust accordingly.

The game contains three areas: the Living Room, the Attic, and the Laboratory, but you have to complete every level in the previous room to unlock the next one. The Living Room, for example, has 24 puzzles, which doesn’t seem like a lot until you get stuck because you have to finish them in order. If the developers insist on making us beat all of them before moving on, it might have been useful to unlock all of them at the beginning so we could come back to the trickier ones.

Still, Cat on a Diet is cute, and the puzzles are clever. It doesn’t have much in the way of novelty, but what it does, it does well.

Cat on a DietGame Name: : Cat on a Diet
The Good: Cute cat, good controls, cool puzzles.
The Bad: Levels must be completed in order, and the game is nothing terribly new.
The Verdict: If you have a hole in your gaming heart that only a new physics puzzler can fill, you could do much worse than this one.
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