Dropbox For Mac Updated With Automatic Screenshot Uploading, iPhoto Importer



Today Dropbox released an update to its Mac app that adds the ability to automatically upload all screenshots you take. The feature is called Camera Uploads in Dropbox’s mobile apps, and now it’s finally coming to the desktop.

Not only can screenshots be automatically uploaded to your Dropbox, but a share link for each image is also pasted into your clipboard as screenshots are taken.

Another addition in today’s update is a new import tool that lets you transfer photos from your iPhoto library to Dropbox.

Source: Dropbox

  • blamrob

    At first I thought this was a Skitch competitor by DropBox… I’d be all over that!

    But this is horrible for me. I take dozens of screenshots in a day. It’s disposable garbage that I paste into photoshop to get a hex color or measure something. I do not want this stuff uploaded automatically.

    Now DropBox… please start working on some Evernote replacement tools so I can only pay one company for this stuff.

    Alternatively… Evernote… start working on some DropBox replacement tools for the same reason.

  • MrMacTastic

    I’d rather see a tool that allowed my iPhoto library to live in Dropbox, so I could carry it over to multiple machines. (I understand that’s doable, but far from easy.)