This Is How WhatsApp Should Look Under iOS 7 [Concept]



Given that it’s the most popular cross-platform messaging service on the planet, you might have thought that WhatsApp would have a new redesign ready to go when iOS 7 was made available to the public earlier this month, but as things stand, it’s still rocking its old look.

Presumably the team behind it are hard at work on the update as we speak, however, and hopefully we won’t have to wait too long for it. But in the meantime, check out these awesome WhatsApp for iOS 7 concept designs that give us a taster of what might be in store for our favorite messaging app.


As you can see, the new design — from web designer Timo Wever — follows iOS 7’s new design guidelines, and features thinner Helvetica fonts, words where there were previously buttons, and clean, minimalistic tabs and icons. It’s also much greener than the existing WhatsApp app — which sports blue navigation bars and black tabs — making it a better fit for the WhatsApp brand.

I don’t know about you, but I love this concept design, and I’ll be pretty disappointed if WhatsApp doesn’t come up with something similar. The existing design looks far too old and outdated now — especially now that iOS 7’s here — and this is a huge improvement.

What do you think of this WhatsApp concept?

Source: Timo Wever

Via: AppleSpot

  • CharilaosMulder

    Hell no!!!

    Both FB and Twitter shitted on the beatiful interface of iOS 7 by coloring the nav+status bars, having dark tab bars (Twitter), custom blur etc. Both navbar and tabbar should be white, labels dark, and tappable elements in the theme color. Having so much green in the nav+status bar is childish, obtrusive and inconsistent.

    Green tappable elements and green bubbles is more than enough in-app branding, especially compared to the current iOS 6 version of whatsapp.

  • markjharvey

    WhatsApp will never do this because they are a shitty company who do not value design. I’d be surprised if there was even 1 designer working there fulltime. The app has been in the “top 5 apps” in the appstore more times than it wasn’t this year and last and seems to invest little to nothing into their product. Reaping the profits and giving back nothing to it’s users. What a piece of crap app.

  • Tony Caballero

    Jesus Christ!! Stop trying to force Jony Ive’s mistakes onto other developers!!! I’m already sick of JellybeanGreen!! If it ain’t broke, DON’T BREAK IT!!!

  • Junaidkureshi

    Flat is good, but this green will kill eyes, but who cares about whatsapp

  • Selena888

    I suggest forgetting WhatsApp, I am using LINE. It was a a major headache for WA to remove my account, It stays forever on their servers unless you contact tech support and have them remove it. I now use LINE. It allows me to make calls and it’s FOREVER free, unlike WhatsApp.