This iOS7-Inspired OS X Redesign Looks Fantastic



Edgar Rios is not only a Photoshop whizz, but also pretty good at imagining the future. Extrapolating from iOS 7, Edgar has come up with what he thinks could be the next version of the Mac OS, and I really, really like it.


Usually this kind of thing starts off fine before veering into the absurd, adding fingerprint readers to the screen, or other nonsense. Edgar’s renderings are the opposite: smart, fairly conservative, and the kind of thing that would actually make the Mac better to use.

First off is the look of the OS, which is flat and colorful (although the Finder sidebar items could do with a lick of paint). But more impressive are the revamped Notification Center, with its frosted-glass looks, and the new Control Center.

Of these, Control Center looks the most promising. After all, if I can three-finger swipe from the right edge of my trackpad to bring up notifications, why not let me swipe in from the left to see some oft-used controls?


The actual elements included in the Control Center aren’t so useful: who needs brightness and volume sliders when there are hardware keys on the keyboard to adjust screen and sound? But the album artwork looks nice, and the menu item shortcuts might be handy for non power users. Why, it’s a lot like the customizable Apple menu of old.

I have my fingers crossed that OS X 10.10 (or whatever it’s called) will look something like this. Maybe by then, though, iOS 8 running on an A8-based iPad will have let me ditch my MacBook for good.

Source: Behance

  • iMonkey

    This is amazing. The Mac OSX purists will hate it though. Any sort of link to iOS with OSX and they scream bloody murder.

  • patrickahles

    That’s a TWO-finger swipe from the right edge of your trackpad to bring up notifications, not three…

    Link does not work, BTW.

  • scophi

    I don’t have a problem with mixing mobile and desktop OS features, but I don’t like some of the iOS 7 theme choices. I’m fine with the transparancies, like the notification center and the taskbar images above. Looks good! But I pray that OS X stays away from all the whitespace, super thin fonts, and pastel candy colors. Yeuch!

  • dperetti


  • jcsantana92

    @Scophi: I know that at least the thin fonts won’t happen anytime soon, because for this they would need HD screen such as like in the iPhones 4-5S… and the Retina Macbooks are their high end laptops so there aren’t as much in the wild.

  • acondiff

    Here is my shot…

  • scottffitch

    okay…but why john mayer…!?

  • patrickahles

    okay…but why john mayer…!?

    Not everyone likes Miley Cyrus…

  • Oak_Alley


  • CraigJamesDuffy

    I want it. It’s beautiful.

  • Tony Caballero

    Oh God! Stop the flat-icon madness!!! Kill them before they spread to OSX!!!

  • Junaidkureshi

    Bring it on, hatters gonna hate, I’m loving it

  • Fjord Prefect

    “whizz” means a buzzing. “wiz” means wizard. Sorry, I’m kind of dick when it comes to spelling.

  • BreakingBad Check this out. A team called visio studios have brought a Mac is redesign concept to life and are releasing it soon. They are in the process of coding and building it.