SideCar Hangs Your iPad From Your MacBook Screen



The SideCar is a lump of silicone that’ll let you use a dual-monitor setup even when you’re on a plane. It’s a simple connector that hangs your iPad off the side of your MacBook screen, either just to keep it handy, or to use as a second monitor using one of many screen-spanning apps in the store.

6fddbb2348aa7ebed8ee3f50f76a1032_largeThere’s almost nothing more to say about the SideCar: the silicone comes in either green or black, works with full-sized iPads or with iPhones, and has no moving parts, making it easy to deploy and hopefully very long-lasting. It’s also cheap. Early pledgers on the Kickstarter campaign can get one for as little as $12, with the RRP set at $16 (shipping estimated for December).

In fact, the SideCar looks so easy that it’ll probably take you longer to choose your screen-sharing app than to buy and set this up.

Source: Kickstarter