This Week in Cult Of Mac Magazine: The Future of Biometrics



The new fingerprint sensor on the iPhone 5s brings with it a touch of the future: one where we won’t keep losing or forgetting our passwords. If we can get the sensors to work right, that is.

In this week’s Cult of Mac Magazine, reporter Sarah Stirland talks to a host of experts who give you the low-down on what this future will mean and we also get a breakdown of the new feature from a security expert.

We’ll also tell you how to win one of those gold iPhones and in our exclusive Ask a Genius column you’ll find out how much those smarties get paid as well as how to best the best Wi-Fi set-up for upstairs/downstairs signals.

The latest issue is available in the App Store.

We hope you’ll dig it – and keep in touch with comments, questions, shout-outs.

  • DuffyMoon

    Hi Guys – nice start. One thought – the navigation could be a little more intuitive/functional (unless I’m missing something). Once you’re into the magazine, doesn’t seem to be a way to bounce back to the contents page – you either have to scroll all the way back through every previous article or double-tap & select the button to leave the magazine altogether and reenter the issue to get back to the start. Not a show-stopper I realise, but I prefer to bounce back and forth across the articles and quick access to contents would be useful.

  • nicole_martinelli

    Thanks for the feedback – it is definitely a work on progress! Currently, if you double tap, it should take you back. A smoother trip back to the contents page is also on our list of things to add.

  • etorsten

    Hi guys,
    I really liked your two first issues and I just bought this third volume on my iPhone.
    As I want to read it aslo on my iPad I stumbled about the fact that I had to buy it again…
    Am I wrong or do you plan to enable for your buyers the possibility to buy it once and to read your issues on more than just one device (without having the need to pay twice)?