Infinity Blade III Updates To Take Full Advantage Of The iPhone 5s



When Apple unveiled the iPhone 5s on September 10th, they invited Epic Games to come on stage to show off Infinity Blade III under the notion that only the iPhone 5s’s 64-bit processor could render the game as it was meant to be seen.

What was so bizarre about that was when the game shipped on September 18th alongside iOS 7, it didn’t make use of the 64-bit A7 processor at all. It was a week later when the game was first updated to support the iPhone 5s. Now it’s gotten another support to further take advantage of the A7 processor.

Citing full-support of the iPhone 5s’s capabilities, yesterday’s update improves the graphics of Infinity Blade III under iOS 7, featuring full-screen anti-aliasing and bloom lighting effects, as well as full-screen ginettes, distortion, high-resolution shadows (a particular sore spot in the graphics of the game on my iPhone 5) and environmental reflections.

There’s also some good bug fixes, including a fix for iPhone 5s crashes, some server optimizations and some gameplay fixes. Epic recommends closing all apps and restarting the game after installing the update.

Infinity Blade III can be purchased on the App Store for $6.99.