iPad Mini 2 Will Ship With Touch ID, 64-Bit A7 Processor And More [Rumor]



So let’s say for a second that Apple doesn’t ship a Retina iPad mini this year… but still decides to release a low-res iPad mini 2. How would they update it without a Retina Display?

Touch ID, son. 64-bit support. And, of course, by spraying it gold.

A couple of images of the upcoming iPad mini 2 have popped up on Chinese site Weibo, showing a home button with a ring around it, indicating the introduction of the iPhone 5s’s Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

That’s not all, though. According to tweets by usually-reliable source Sonny Dickson, the iPad mini 2 will ship with the same 64-bit processor as the iPhone 5s.

That might be strange to some. If the iPad mini came with an A5 processor, wouldn’t the iPad mini 2 ship with an A6 to keep costs down. What I think we might be looking at here, though, is the same kind of across-the-board update we saw when Apple introduced the Lightning cable: Apple simply wants as many devices running 64-bit processors as quickly as possible so the iOS ecosystem as a whole can evolve.

Finally, according to Dickson, expect the iPad mini 2 to have the same color pallette as the iPhone 5s: space gray, silver and gold.

So what about Retina? Would Apple update the iPad mini with all this, yet not bump up the resolution? We’ve heard rumors before that that is what Apple intends on doing, releasing a Retina iPad mini 2.5 early next year (for a possibly higher price). It certainly seems as if 7.9-inch Retina Displays aren’t yet ready for prime time. What do you think?

Via: Apple Bitch

  • Barry_Dwyer_

    That’s so fake. Bad photoshop.

    How are retina displays not ready for primetime? They can make them for iPad regular size and iPhone 4 and above. Why not in between?

  • kevinacote

    Isn’t the Nexus 7 already using a super High Res display? I’m guessing Apple will make it happen in October.

  • Adrayven

    Isn’t the Nexus 7 already using a super High Res display? I’m guessing Apple will make it happen in October.

    kind of, but doing a wide screen verses a standard is very different. You literally, physically, end up with a ton more pixels. Thats why they still like wide screen format, easier to get the resolution count. Apple wont go the easy path, so it will take more to do at that cost range. I wont be suprised if we don’t get it in Oct and we get 64bit instead. I suspect if we do get retina at some point, it’s price points will be higher than a standard def screen.

  • Jay

    Zoom in on the photo and note the area around the home button. Obviously Photoshopped – and by a rank amateur at that.

  • Gadget

    What do I think? I think I’ll be pissed if I don’t get a retina iPad Mini available for purchase real soon

  • MrMacTastic

    Retina or bust. I’ll stick with my iPad 2 for now. It’s still quite good, if I don’t switch between that and my wife’s iPad 4. But the same quality only smaller? No thanks.