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Ex-iPod Engineer Designs Touch-Operated Standing Desk



According to Derek “beefcake with a brain” Morgan from Criminal Minds, “sitting is the new smoking,” and too much of it will kill you. But who wants any boring old standing desk? Yes, you could put a couple of milk crates onto your regular desk and prop your MacBook on top, but why do that when you can spend $3,900 on the Stir Kinetic Desk, a standing desk with a touch screen?


The brains behind the Stir is JP Labrosse, former Apple and iPod engineer. The desk itself is motorized and controlled by a touch screen. This is used to program the height, and you can double-tap the screen to switch between standing and sitting modes.

That’s not it. There’s also a neat-sounding “Whisperbreath” mode: the desk learns your habits, ands when it thinks that it’s time for you to get up, it slowly shifts the desk up and down an inch, gently undulating to remind you to stand up.

You can also hook up fitness tracking apps via Bluetooth, and there’s a hidden compartment with both USB and AC outlets for charging gadgets.

But for me the best part is that it goes all the way down to 63.5cm (25 inches). Most desks are just way too high for typists, designed as they were for writing on paper with pens: take a look at old typewriter stands if you don’t believe me: these things put the typewriters way down low to make them comfy to type on.

Still, I’ll stick with the milk crates for now: I have a whole bunch of other things I could spend $4K on before I get to my desk.

Source: Stirworks