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iOS 7 Mail Now Lets You View Files Inside Zipped Attachments



Earlier this morning in the Cult of Mac chatroom, Killian told me that “iOS 7 as a whole is little more than a lick of paint.” He was baiting me of course (I hope so anyway, or I have some punishment to administer), but it’s a common enough view. However, as we shall see, there’s plenty going on under the hood too.

Exhibit A: Mail app now lets you look right inside ZIP attachments and open the individual documents direct.

Previously you could choose to open the ZIP file in a compatible app, but now you can just tap on it and you enter the Quick Look viewer which shows you everything inside. Swipe left and right to navigate between multiple files, and up and down to see multiple pages within those files. To open these individual files in external apps, just tap the sharing icon at the bottom of the screen.

I tested it with a PDF, a JPG and a TXT file all zipped up using the Finder and e-mailed to myself. It worked as promised. To open the ZIP in an external app, you can long-press on it to get the usual “Open in…” options.

As Phil Schiller might say to Killian if ever they meet, “Lick of paint my ass.”

Source: Macworld