Bluetooth Water Bottle (Yes, Really) Talks To Your iPhone, Reminds You To Drink



Warning: Sarcasm follows.

“Are you drinking enough water?” asks BluFit. Well are you? This is how to tell:

  1. Are you thirsty?

If the answer to the above question is “yes,” then you should drink some water.

I’m kidding, of course: BluFit is in fact a totally legit gadget that makes it easy to track how much water you drink. What is it? It’s a water bottle that connects wirelessly to an app on your iPhone.


One would have thought that a swig of delicious cold water on a hot day would be reason enough to pour yourself glass after glass, but apparently some folks are so ridiculously divorced from their own bodies that they need to gamify the core basics of survival. What next? An app that lets you compete with your friends by counting how many breaths you take in a day?

The BluFit bottle records how often you drink, and how much, and how much, and then sends that information to the iPhone (or Android) app via Bluetooth. There is also a row of LEDs on the side which light up to tell you how many LEDs are lit up.

The app combines this information with data about your weight, you activity and – I kid you not – your water-drinking goals.

The iPhone and the bottle can then send you alerts to remind you to take a dose, a feature that the human body already incorporates in the form of “being thirsty.”

How much for one of these amazingly useful devices? A mere $59, or $49 if you manage to get in early enough on the Indiegogo campaign. I’m saving my money for a lunchbox that holds donuts and reminds me to take one every hour, on the hour.

Source: BluFit

  • Huntf

    Very well do….(phone just told me to drink)…ne, that was a great read.

  • bikerdoood

    OK, yes, dumb.

    UNLESS, the user is a patient with dementia (like my dad’s alzheimer’s) or with a significant mental disability (Down Syndrome, mental retardation). THEN it becomes a way for a caretaker to track intake.

  • CO2Insanity

    This needs a followup app that reminds you to go pee pee.