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De-Clutter Your Lock Screen’s Notifications In iOS 7 [iOS Tips]


Notification Center

Notification Center has new tabs now, including Today, All, and Missed notifications. Even with this bit of filtering, things can get overwhelming fast, especially if you have a ton of apps that default to sending notifications to you for darn near everything.

If you want to lower the amount of information overload in your Notifications Center, it’s a fairly simple affair. Here’s how.

Launch the Settings app with a tap, and then tap on Notification Center. At the top, you can turn off two of the views, Notifications or Today View. You can then scroll down some more and turn off the Today Summary, the Next Destination, the Calendar Day View, Reminders, Stocks, and Tomorrow Summary. This will help clean up some of the clutter, but there’s more.

Keep scrolling down, and you’ll see a section of apps that are Included in the Notification Center. Tap each included app’s name in the list, and then toggle the “Show in Notification Center” option to OFF.

You can also change the style of notification Alert here, turn OFF the Badge App Icon (that little red number on some apps like Mail or Phone), and scroll down to turn OFF Show on Lock Screen. Tons of options here; have fun playing with them all!

Via: Digital Trends