Brewbot, The iPhone-Controlled Micro-Brewery



Oh, man, this is an invention likely to make it impossible for me to ever leave the house. It’s called the Brewbot, and it’s an iPhone controlled machine which brews “high quality craft beers” without leaving your armchair.


The Brewbot is a £2,500 Kickstarter project, and is essentially a handsome piece of wood and stainless-steel furniture which you connect up to the water supply, and then to your iPhone via Bluetooth. And while you can’t actually spend your whole time in an armchair (you’ll have to actually load the thing with hops and barley), you can dial in precise recipes and control temperature and times from the app.

The iPhone part might look like a vestigial gimmick, but on the other hand, if you need to build in a control panel, why not just use the iPhone you already have? Either way, the unit is great-looking and compact (as these things go), and looks a lot more practical than the big plastic bucket I used to balance in top of the water heater when I was a student.

Source: Kickstarter