Former MobileMe Users: Your Free 20GB iCloud Storage Is About To Come To An End



If you were a MobileMe customer enticed to join the iCloud by Apple’s offer of 20GB of free storage, get ready to pony up for more: Apple is emailing people telling them to prepare to start paying for iCloud storage come September 20th.

As you might remember, when MobileMe initially closed its doors and iCloud became Apple’s new cloud-storage solution, Apple tried to sweeten the deal for MobileMe users by enticing them with a free 20GB offer: if they moved their stuff and Apple didn’t have to forcibly kick them off of MobileMe, they’d get the free storage space for a limited time.

That time is coming to an end. Here’s the email Apple is sending out to former MobileMe customers:

As a thank you for being a former MobileMe member, you received a 20 GB complimentary storage upgrade when you moved to iCloud. Your upgrade expires on September 30, 2013.

When it expires, your iCloud storage will be automatically adjusted to the free 5 GB plan…If you exceed your storage plan on September 30, 2013, iCloud Backup, Documents in the Cloud, and iCloud Mail will temporarily stop working.

For most customers, that 5GB will be plenty, but additional storage can be purchased for a price of about $20 per 10GB. Don’t forget!

Via: App Advice